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Applications> E-Commerce Overview> E-Commerce Specs

Hough & Wood Technology Group's E-Commerce Specs

Typical E-Commerce Flow:


2.Display of Products

3.Add to Shopping Cart

4.Login to Server

5.Verify Information


The Hough & Wood Technology Group system supports credit cards, non-credit card and numerous electronic gateways.

Customers have an intuitive shopping experience. They can browse or use the Hough & Wood Technology Group's system’s extensive search facilities. Customers receive a printable detailed order form and an e-mail confirmation. Customers can view previous orders, restore orders for faster shopping, save and restore carts.

The Hough & Wood Technology Group's system runs on any Microsoft Windows system. See our Hosting Plans for more information.

Features - Product Display

  • Unlimited products, categories and sub categories
  • Unlimited product features such as color, size etc.
  • All product displays are dynamic
  • Product images are automatically displayed
  • Automatic hyperlink to your own extended description page
  • Automatic generation of extended description page
  • Products can be prevented from displaying
  • Out of Stock Messages
  • Multiple product ordering with one button press
  • Customer based pricing - each customer can see different prices
  • Quantity based pricing
  • Dual currency displays
  • Retail verses your price display
  • Prices can be turned off completely
  • Products can be sorted by any field
  • Taxes can be specified by product if required
  • Minimum quantity can be required.

Features - Merchant Administration

  • Full online administration allows merchants to view and process orders
  • Change and add/delete products while the shop is running
  • Sales reports keep the merchant updated
  • Merchant notified by e-mail per order
  • Add an attachment to customer confirmation e-mail
  • Stock reports provide details by product
  • Generation of download links upon completion of order
  • Supports just about any payment system: Electronic gateways for direct deposit into your account
  • Any type of non credit card payments
  • Manual credit card handling just like your existing phone orders
  • Email to any number of other people using unique templates
  • Export data for your account packages
  • Mail to all or select customers from the database
  • Discounts are automatically applied when a customer logins and the merchant has specified a discount
  • Quantity based discounts. If a customer orders x of something, the unit price can change dynamically
  • Quantity based pricing. The Hough & Wood Technology Group's system can automatically adjust prices of a product based on price ranges. You can opt to allow the customer to see the original price.
  • Discount Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • It will use SSL encryption if it is installed on your web site
  • Online administration is protected by passwords

Features - Taxes and Shipping

  • The Hough & Wood Technology Group's system comes with eight different types of shipping calculations built in; table lookup, weight, weight range, quantity, price range, fixed, none and a UPS type lookup by weight
  • Shipping can be removed
  • Shipping form is optionally displayed
  • Additional shipping types can be added
  • Product based shipping. Each product can have its shipping cost specified in the products table
  • Drop down list for US states is configurable
  • Drop Down lists for Countries is configurable
  • European countries without states. Can be configured to remove state prompt
  • Handling fees can be configured separately from shipping

Features - Electronic Gateways

  • The Hough & Wood Technology Group's system supports many electronic gateways such as:
    Verisign, Linkpoint, AuthorizeNet, WorldPay, eWAY ESEC, Cybercash, and others
  • A gateway is NOT required for the Hough & Wood Technology Group's system. By default the Hough & Wood Technology Group's system stores the credit card in the database.

If you still have questions regarding our e-commerce applications, please contact the
Hough & Wood Technology Group.

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